Symposium Logistics

General Information

Date: 17-19 August 2017
Location: Panzi Foundation DRC, Maison Dorcas III Located near Panzi Hospital in Bukavu
Time: 8:00am-16:15pm (17 August), 8:00am-14:00pm (18 August), and 8:00am-13:00pm (19 August)

  • Contacts:

    Mr. Prince Mujumbe Salama
    ICART Website and Financial Administrator (Bukavu-DRC)
    Mobile: +243-975- 2999 68

    Professor Kanigula Mubagwa
    ICART Director (Belgium)
    Phone: + 32 16 33 08 08


    Christopher Okafor
    Symposium Co-chair
    Action Area Coordinator, East and Central Africa

    Charles Bisimwa
    Symposium Coordinator
    Partnership Officer
    Central Africa Hub| Kalambo Station

Hotel Information:

You will be responsible for covering the cost of your hotel.
We are available to assist in making reservations.
If a down payment is required you will be responsible for covering those costs.
Please contact Prince if you would like help making hotel reservations.
Transportation will be arranged from your hotel to the symposium every morning at 7:30am.
Please make sure to inform Prince where you are staying so that transportation is properly arranged.
If you need help making hotel arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible but NO LATER THAN 5 AUGUST. Hotels are limited and we cannot guarantee availability.

Flight Information:

There are no direct international flights to Bukavu. The two available options are:

  1. Fly to Kigali, Rwanda and then take a local flight with Rwandair from Kigali to Kamembe (this is about a 25 minute flight). Kamembe is a small airstrip in Cyangugu (SW Rwanda) and just a few kilometers from the border with Bukavu (DRC). We can arrange transport to pick you up at Kamembe and bring you across the border to your hotel in Bukavu. Travel from the airport and across the border takes about a half an hour. KLM, Brussels, Turkish, Qatar and Ethiopian Airlines are commonly used for travel to Kigali.
  2. Fly to Bujumbura, Burundi and then travel by road to Bukavu. Road travel from Bujumbura to Bukavu is about three hours, however, the road passes through Rwanda so you will still need to get required travel documents for transit through Rwanda. Private taxis can be arranged for this at about $150 one way. If you are familiar with the area, local shared taxis and buses are available at a reduced cost. There is a road that travels through DRC from Bujumbura without passing through Rwanda, however, it can take up to 6 hours with a 4×4 vehicle. Commercial transport companies do not generally use this road and therefore if this is your preferred route you will need to make arrangements on your own. Brussels, Ethiopian and KLM/Kenya Airways via Nairobi are commonly used for travel to Bujumbura.

Please Note: You will be responsible for booking and paying for your own flights. Once you have booked your flight, please send Prince your itinerary so that we know your travel dates and when to expect you in Bukavu.

Airport Transfer:

Please contact Prince directly if you would like us to arrange airport pick-up and drop-off. If you need help making ground transportation arrangements, please contact us NO LATER THAN 5 AUGUST.

Visa Information:

Depending on your nationality and travel plans, a visa may be required for Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo.


  • Citizens traveling from the United States DO NOT need a visa to enter Rwanda.
  • Travelers holding any African Country passport can obtain a Rwandan entry visa at the airport in Kigali.
  • Visa exemptions apply for nationals from selected COMESA and SADC countries in each of the EAC Partner States. Please check with the Immigration Departments of individual EAC member countries.
  • Please visit your State Immigration websites for specific visa requirements.
  • Note: If a visa is required for your country, you will need a double entry visa so that you can re-enter on your way back to your country of origin.
  • The link to the Rwandan immigration website is:

DR Congo

  • If you are coming from a COMESA country, visas can be obtained on arrival for $50 USD.
  • All other nationals MUST apply for the visa in their home country PRIOR TO ARRIVAL. See website for specific country requirements.
  • We will supply a formal letter of invitation for the visa application if required. Please send us your passport number, date of birth and name exactly as it is written on the passport.
  • All persons arriving in DR Congo are required to present a valid passport and health certificate verifying an up-to-date yellow fever inoculation. Both are mandatory requirements for entry into the country.


  • Please see the Burundi Embassy website for your country’s specific requirements.

Poster Sizing

Posters should be printed  at 1m or no larger than 1,20m in length.




If you are staying in a local hotel, breakfast is inclusive with accommodation. Lunch will be provided at the symposium venue. You will be responsible for your own dinner.

Local Weather

Bukavu is located in the mountains and has a moderate climate. The days are usually warm and sunny, the evenings can be cool. August is the dry season so it is usually quite dusty on the roads. You may want to bring a scarf or something to cover your face during transport.

For a more accurate weather reading closer to your departure date please visit:

Medical Assistance

Medical staff will be available at the venue for any medical emergencies. If hospitalization is required an ambulance will be made available for transfer to Panzi Hospital.


U.S. Dollars are used in Bukavu. Bills must be from 2006 or newer and be in good condition. Bills will not be accepted if they are torn. Hotels accept large bills and can give you change. For local transactions small bills ($5, $10 or $20) are best. Credit cards are not accepted anywhere.